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The Soundtrack of Success
Steve Klenke's eclectic compositions are a testament to his undeniable talent and passion for music. Some have said his work is not just heard, but felt. Klenke's compositions have graced the screens of popular platforms such as Netflix, A&E, The History Channel, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Hulu, and Discovery. He has the ability to create music that can perfectly complement visual storytelling, weaving intricate melodies that can paint vivid pictures.

Steve Klenke trumpet player, composer, arranger in Austin, Texas

An Accomplished Musician and Educator
With a solid foundation in music education and countless gigs under his belt, Steve Klenke is an award-winning educator and trumpet player, as well as a songwriter and publisher member of BMI (eMotific Music). Steve attended Berklee College of Music (performance), and graduated with honors from Elmhurst University with a Bachelor of Music Education degree. Steve also attended DeVry University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.

Klenke is available for performances, recording sessions, and music lessons!
Steve has played over 3,000 Gigs in a variety of settings: Jazz Ensemble, Big Band, Variety Band (Weddings), R & B Band, Funk Band, Pop-Rock Music Band, Salsa, Cumbia, Latin Bands, Concert Band, Orchestra, Pit Orchestra (Musical Theatre), Brass Ensemble, Brass Quintet, Descant Trumpet for Hymns (Church), Church Music Worship Group, Trumpet Soloist, Studio Musician and Producer, Remote Recording, can provide excellent, multiple trumpet tracks in .WAV format (dry-no effects). If interested, contact Steve at:


Steve Klenke composes jazz, pop and soundtrack music in Austin, Texas

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