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eMotific Music (BMI) is a music publishing company in Austin, Texas. eMotific has music placements on Netflix, A&E, The History Channel, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Hulu, Discovery, UK-PRS, and United Entertainment & Media. eMotific records, produces, and publishes new original jazz and pop music. Also, soundtracks and cues for the Film and TV industry.

About Steve Klenke (owner)

Steve Klenke is the founder and owner of eMotific Music and is both a songwriter and publisher member of BMI. He has composed several tracks for music buyers in the Film, TV, and advertising markets as well as his own CDs and singles. A dynamic trumpet player and composer, Steve's music draws you in and paints a picture. Steve collaborates with lyricists on songwriting occasionally and has created several curated songs.


Latest news

New CD Released

Attending SXSW March 10-19, 2023 in Austin, TX! See you there! The Sunbeam CD is a great mix of easy listening and mainstream jazz. Available for streaming and purchase at Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and other online music stores.

New Single Released

"Never Have To Say Goodbye Again" is a new pop/country single from Steve Klenke available at Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, and other streaming services.

fresh videos

On this website, you can watch the latest videos of Steve Klenke's singles and video performances. All videos are available in HD quality and various resolutions.
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Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet Tangerine CD features an easy listening, relaxing mix of familiar mainstream jazz and new jazz songs
Tangerine CD

Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet CD "Tangerine" features an easy listening, relaxing mix of familiar mainstream jazz and new songs!

Steve Klenke Jazz Sextet Sunbeam CD features an easy listening,fun, relaxing mix of jazz standards and new instrumental and vocal jazz
Sunbeam CD

"Sunbeam" is a great new, fun and relaxing mix of easy listening, mainstream jazz including original, dynamic new jazz and jazz-rock music and jazz standards.


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